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The Bible and Suicide

What is God?

Understanding Questions About the Existence of God

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Does God exist? Does the existence of God even matter? What sorts of arguments can we offer for or against the existence of God? These are the sorts of questions asked and debated by people who visit this site. However, such questions and debates are best when those involved have a good understanding of the basic issues involved - and that's why these pages are here.

What is God?
Because of the fundamental importance of this one issue to all general discussions between atheists and theists, it is critical that those who participate in such discussions have a better understanding of just what it is they are talking about and why. After all, what's the point of debating the possible existence of "God" if no one has tried to come to some sort of agreement as to what they mean by "God"?

Does God Matter?
Does it even really matter if God exists? Perhaps it can be argued that even if God does exist, this fact won't have any significant impact upon how we behave and how we treat each other.

Arguments for Gods
Review of various arguments commonly used to support the existence of gods: cosmological arguments, design arguments, ontological arguments, and more. How are they structured and are any of them valid?

Arguments against Gods
Review of various arguments commonly used to deny the existence of gods. None of them can disprove the existence of all possible gods, but they can be used to question the existence of very specific gods.

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