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Catholic Priests: Pedophile Priests Just Helping Kids Who Wanted Love

By November 21, 2013

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Bad Priest
Bad Priest
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Apologists for crime and abuse in the Catholic Church seem to have no limits to the depths they will go to come up with excuses for pedophile priests who abuse and rape children. Often they find some way to blame the children who were victimized by the priests; for example, priests in Poland have said that the kids came from broken homes and were just looking for love.

The context of some of these comments is the revelation that Polish priests in the Dominican Republic that have been accused of child abuse. Prosecutors in Warsaw have been given a large number of documents, but no decisions about extradition have been made.

Father Wojciech Gil, who in recent months has been staying with family in a village near Krakow, stands accused of sexually abusing at least seven boys while he headed a parish in the highland town of Juncalito.

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, former Vatican nuncio in the Dominican Republic, faces similar accusations, although his current whereabouts are unknown. As a Vatican ambassador, Archbishop Wesolowski possessed diplomatic immunity, although he has already been replaced in his post, after being recalled by the Vatican in August. ...

Father Ireneusz Bochynski, from the city of Piotrkow Trybunalski in Central Poland, has said he knows of 10-year-old children who "went to bed with adults, wanting to be fulfilled, and it was the choice of the child."

Father Bochynski insisted that "now that we have so many broken marriages, where most often there is a lack of a father, it will happen more and more often that children without such figures will cling on to men."

His controversial remarks echo those of head of the Polish Episcopate Archbishop Jozef Michalik, who claimed that children involved in paedophilia cases were often "searching for love" as they came from broken homes.

Source: The News

It's probably true that, in at least some cases, kids from broken homes were looking for love and/or were looking for a father figure. I doubt it's true in all such cases, but it will be true in some. The problem is that even when it is true, that can't even explain much less excuse sexual abuse and rape.

Priests are supposed to be adults and adults are supposed to be responsible. This means that when faced with a child in such a situation, you find appropriate ways to help them. If you can't provide the love or be the sort of father figure that they need (and given the responsibilities a priest has, they likely can't), then you find others who can provide this. Being a responsible adult does not include preying upon such children's vulnerabilities for your own sexual gratification.

November 21, 2013 at 1:46 pm
(1) Thomas2000 says:

I think these people have this preconception that Christians are good people, especially Christian leaders, and that they hold onto this idea strongly. Then when one of their own rapes a child, cognitive dissonance happens, and they hold their preconception so strongly that they will make any desperate attempt to justify their actions. It’s amazing what that naive preconception can do to a person’s moral compass.

November 22, 2013 at 2:49 pm
(2) david says:

Organized religion should have been left in the dark ages, where it belongs.

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