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Because Christians treat the Jewish scriptures as holy, they must contend with the morality of behavior depicted in those scriptures -- both the behavior of those characters held up as exemplary and the behavior of Yahweh. How Christians deal with the issues raised can tell us a lot about Christianity and Christians.

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February 8, 2013 at 12:05 pm
(1) Cousin Ricky says:

If I recall correctly, WLC does not allow Muslims the same excuse, because their god is not the real god.

Well, let’s see:
1. Christians worship the one true god, the god of Israel, their patriarch Isaac, and his father Abraham.
2. Muslims worship the one true god, the god of the Arabs, their patriarch Ishmael, and his father Abraham.
3. There is only one god of Abraham.
How does that work? Maybe it’s a reverse trinity of sorts?

You may recall that WLC tried to turn the Sandy Hook massacre into a charming Christmas story.

WLC is the quintessential poster child of everything that’s wrong with divine command theory.

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