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Many Christians try to 'sell' Christianity based on the idea that it is focused upon an instance where God and humanity became one. This is supposed to special and unusual among religions; in reality, though, many religions have found ways to fuse the human and the divine. Hinduism, for example, not only has its own tradition of unions between humanity and God but also they occur far more often. Why would anyone think that this something that only occurs in a Christian context?


Read Article: a href="http://atheism.about.com/od/hindusandhinduism/a/DivineHumanity.htm">Divinity & Humanity: Looking for God or the Divine in Human Beings

November 6, 2007 at 12:32 pm
(1) Jim says:

I’d like to ‘Read more…’ but the link takes me back to the home page (http://atheism.about.com/)…

November 18, 2007 at 1:57 pm
(2) tracieh says:

EC Prophet actually wrote about a conspiracy theory that went something like this:

There are some old, minority stories about Jesus traveling in India. There are nearly 20 years missing from the story of Jesus’ life in traditional Xian texts. Jesus’ teachings seem strangely Hindu. Could Jesus have visited India, and the church destroyed all records in order to minimize any perception that he was teaching a Jewish/Hindu hybrid religion he learned from dialoguing/debating with Rabbis and Gurus?

I certainly don’t promote this view; however, I do see how it arises. “I am god” is a common statement in Hindu. No Hindu would consider it blasphemy. But a Jew would kill you over it (in Jesus’ day–as we all [who have read the Bible] recall how many times people started picking up stones each time Jesus ‘spoke with [god's] authority.’”).

I remember reading Buddhist and Hindu stories that reminded me a great deal of things Jesus said. I also remember that my church used to say that any such similarities were the work of the Devil–trying to make other religions _seem_ true, by mixing lies and truths (the similarities with Jesus’ teachings were, obviously, the ‘truths’ in other people’s religions).

Ironically, Greek and Roman mythology is more popularly familiar in the U.S., and they also have story after story of the divine and the profane coming together. There are so many half man/half gods that you wonder how Xians aren’t cluing into the idea that the “man god” that was at the height of popularity in ROME during Jesus’ day might have been incorporated by the followers of a revered religious leader. Additionally, how many times did some half man, half god descend into Hades and then return? Again, countless times. Stories that were popular before Jesus’ time in Greek mythology, and during Jesus’ time in Roman mythology…and yet it makes more sense to believe it’s the lord of the evil spirits infilterating the world with his lies…than to believe that maybe some over-zealous followers plugged their religious hero into the prevailing myths.

Nah. Can’t be. Religions don’t borrow from one another, EVER.


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