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Is there evidence that figures very similar to Jesus existed before his recorded life? Could it be that Jesus was simply one of many alleged messiahs who arrived to help liberate the Jews from Roman domination? Religions all over the world have experienced a phenomenon which has been given the label "crisis cults." Although the religious and cultural circumstances vary, these movements nevertheless share important similarities. Early Christianity itself can easily be described as such a "crisis cult" - but interestingly, not one which arose without contemporary precedent.


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February 12, 2010 at 7:10 pm
(1) Paul Buchman says:

Your description of crisis cults sounds familiar. Major stresses in the society resulting in fear among the populace, a charismatic leader whom people identify with, the hope and promise for a better world to come, followers of the charismatic leader feeling more important.

Remove the references to the divine and you have fascism. Our society is so saturated with xianity that an effective charismatic leader would be more likely to institute political changes, such as fascism, while leaving existing xianity in place.

It could happen here. Get a Reaganesque father figure to lead, and even if he’s a figurehead people will follow, no matter who is pulling the strings. Or perhaps it could be a mother/ daughter/ lover/ queen/ goddess figure, all things to all people, such as Sarah Palin.

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