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Genesis depicts God as looking over creation and declaring that all was 'very good,' including parasites, predators and predation, natural disasters, and all the nasty things which cause death and suffering. I think it's fair to judge the morality and justice of God by the sorts of things which God deems moral and just.

Read Article: God Approves of Predators & Predation

December 28, 2012 at 9:13 am
(1) Cousin Ricky says:

The standard answer I see from apologists is that there was no predation prior to the fall (although humans specifically did not become predators until after the flood, per Genesis 9:3). All those wolves and lions ate straw. Recently, I even saw one argue that T rex’s razor sharp, flesh-ripping teeth were designed for crunching plants!

Yep, all the laws of nature were forced to change because two humans ate a piece of fruit. And they say that atheists are the arrogant ones.

December 28, 2012 at 12:25 pm
(2) ChuckA says:

As some of us might say, if we were, right now, back in the late 1960s…
“Right On, Austin!”. Or, as I might slightly tweak that for today’s reality: “Write On, Austin!”
This Post’s always relevant subject, of course, relates to probably the most potent atheist argument against the existence of any supposed “almighty” deity; especially, IMO, the obviously prevalent ‘Abrahamic’ notion of “God” (or “Allah”)…that being the “Argument from Evil”. I recently lost my dear (female) companion of 37 years (on 7/27/12) to the obviously vicious predatory disease: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma; which, of course, is just ONE example of the mind-boggling number of terrible diseases which afflict mankind. We’re all facing the probability of a similar fate…and there’s no so-called “equality” RE any aspect of that fact. [As a side note, she commented on many articles on this Site under the name "The Sojourner".]
Typical religious believers will often try to focus the blame directly on us, or indirectly, on variations of “The Devil”, “Lucifer”, Satan, etc.; which, of course, is a huge “FAIL” for obvious reasons apparent to any skeptical, rational, critical thinking atheist. As someone who was raised “from birth” as a Catholic Christian and taught by the nuns (those “Brides of Christ”? :shock: ), right from “the get-go” the child-abusive doctrines RE Eternal Hell, Purgatory, and the recently somewhat recanted (?) “Limbo” (was the Limbo pole raised?), I know how difficult it is to shake off the terrible mind traps created by all those purposely indoctrinated, traditional techniques using enormous guilt and the fear of eternal punishment. I’m one of the very few in my own personal experiential sphere who’s managed to…shall we say…

December 28, 2012 at 12:26 pm
(3) ChuckA says:

All that said…
I may have, in the past, pointed to this atheist article page; but I think its excellence merits another posting.
[In particular, I’d point to the initial article titled: "All Possible Worlds" which relates to the subject at hand.]

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