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Austin Cline

Christian Women: Keep Your House Clean to Avoid Being Seduced by Demons

By December 28, 2012

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Cedric Harmon, a writer for Charisma Magazine, says that women need to keep their houses clean in order to avoid being seduced by demons. This is a serious issue for him because if a person has sex with the wrong sort of demon, they end up becoming gay.

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This isn't at all inconsistent with the worldview and beliefs of evangelical Christians. They really do believe that demons and other malevolent spirits are actively working in the world around us. These demons can be blamed for all sorts of bad things that happen around us.

Curiously, they are usually only blamed for things that can't be directly affected by science and medicine. For example, you don't see them blaming demons for the flu or cancer and praying for the demons to go away.

"Anybody that has been attacked by them will tell you ... they're worried [that] they could not find that pleasure with mortal people," says Adams, who claims she was once possessed by sexual demons.

The two most identifiable sexual demons are the incubus, which is a male sexual demon that traditionally assaults women, and the succubus, which is a female sexual demon that assaults men. Sometimes they also lure people into homosexual behavior. ...

Adams says the succubus spirit that used to attack her confused her so much that she contemplated becoming a lesbian. "Unless you're strong enough to rebuke it, they'll keep coming back," she says. "You must speak the Word of God, knowing you have power in the name of Jesus."

Eddie Smith, the president of U.S. Prayer Track and a respected leader in deliverance ministry, believes that experiences like Adams' are common. He and his wife, Alice, have ministered to "at least hundreds" of people suffering from demonic sexual attacks.

Adams believes the most valuable tool against these sexual demons is based on Matthew 12:44, which speaks of when a demon is cast out and then looks to return, but finds the house is clean, swept and in order. People must have their houses in order so that a demon can no longer gain entrance, Adams says. It is a part of the reprogramming process that takes place when an individual submits his or her life to God.

Source: Charisma Magazine (via: Joe. My. God.)

I suppose it's easier to blame malevolent demons and spirits for problems you see around you and especially for urges or temptations that you're experiencing. After all, if a demon is causing you to have sexual urges of any sort, you can't be held responsible.

It's certainly no coincidence that women are being advised that they can avoid being attacked by demons if they focus on the sorts of behaviors and jobs which traditional, patriarchal religion tells them they must be limited to.

December 28, 2012 at 6:22 pm
(1) David says:

It’s especially goofy, since the verse quoted says that the demon finds the house swept and clean, and so moves back in, along with a bunch of friends.

January 4, 2013 at 2:37 pm
(2) Sashineb says:

Oh, those pesky old demons!! I did the housework earlier this week and already the place looks like a hurricane went through. I suppose I’ll have to clean again, this time with holy water!

January 4, 2013 at 3:38 pm
(3) Marian Hennings says:

David is right. The demon returns with seven friends more evil than himself, and the householder ends up worse off than before.

January 4, 2013 at 4:08 pm
(4) David says:

…what century is this ??

January 4, 2013 at 4:28 pm
(5) DavidCT says:

This is fairly typical for religion. Take normal human urges and link the solution to submissive behavior.

If all the demons are as cute as the one in the picture, I may never clean again. I am going to hell anyway.

January 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm
(6) Mary says:

Giggles and snorts. I live in a house with two wiccans, a baptist, a fallen jehovah’s witness, and me, the one who leans towards pantheism. Oh, and one is gay. We have nicknamed our beautiful, happy, loving home “The Compound”. Always slightly messy because of all the guests. Everyone is welcome and at any party there are 20 to 30 people sleeping over (we won’t let them drink and drive).
If there be demons they are probably scared of us.

January 5, 2013 at 12:46 am
(7) Sarah (the Wiccan formerly of WV) says:

“For example, you don’t see them blaming demons for the flu or cancer and praying for the demons to go away.”

Austin, you have obviously never been to Clay County WV. I watched a 61 year old woman named Martha Dancy die over the course of 2 weeks from a urinary tract infection that could easily have been cured with antibiotics. I visited her numerous times during those 2 weeks, BEGGING her to go to Summersville Memorial Hosp. She was running a fever and becoming dehydrated and more “out-of-it” by the day. She spent the last 3-4 days of her life hallucinating and suffering from convulsions. My husband and I offered to drive her the 46 miles to Summersville (this was, and still is, the closest medical treatment facility to Widen, WV) but no. We tried calling for an ambulance, but were told that only a family member could do that as Mrs. Dancy was an adult and had the right to refuse medical treatment. So, instead of treatment Mrs. Dancy got the Tinney brothers (both Xtian preachers) who insisted that through prayer and faith, Satan’s “forces” could be driven from Mrs. Dancy’s body. I talked to both brothers until I was blue in the face, asking them things like, “Don’t you think God wants us to use our brains to help others, the way doctors do?”; “Don’t you think refusing medical treatment here is akin to suicide?” and “Do you think doctors are agents of the devil?” (The answer to that last one was that Xtian doctors are “lukewarm” Xtians, whatever the hell that means.) Mrs. Dancy suffered an extended, painful death that was 100% preventable due to extremist Xtianity and the Tinney preachers who supported that bullshit. Excuse my anger, but I sincerely hope that Summersville Mem. refuses to provide either Tinney brother any “doctorin’” if and when they need it.

January 5, 2013 at 12:48 am
(8) Sarah (the Wiccan formerly of WV) says:

My family and I attended her funeral. In retrospect we probably shouldn’t have, but I had grown to like her and she loved our kids. We wore black, but no Wiccan jewelry or anything else that made us look any different from the other mourners, yet the entire congregation (about 30 people) spent the majority of their time staring at us. (I think they were waiting for us to burst into flames or something.) In a final insult to Mrs. Dancy, Randy Tinney (who “preached” her funeral) aimed the majority of his words at US and OUR need to be “saved”; Mrs. Dancy – the story of her life, her marriage, her children and grandchildren – went virtually ignored. Her dead body in its open coffin was merely a means to an end – another attempt to convert us.
Nearly 11 years have passed yet I am still struggling to keep from crying as I write this. As I see it, the Tinney brothers should be charged with voluntary manslaughter. Had either of them pulled his head out of his ass long enough to tell Mrs. Dancy it was okay to get medical help, she’d have lived.

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