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Bryan Fischer: Al Qaeda Terrorist are Agents of God

By December 21, 2012

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According to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, the Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11 were agents of God. They were acting on behalf of God in order to get America's attention and bring America back to God. Funny, but that's kind of close to what the terrorists themselves were thinking.

Agents of God
Agents of God
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Bryan Fischer made his comments in the the context of a discussion of Isaiah 10 and the story of how God sent the Assyrians to invade Israel in order to punish them for disobeying God. There are many similar stories in the Old Testament and it is a major part of Deuteronomist Theology: obedience to God is rewarded while disobedience is punished.

Ergo, when good things happen to you it's a sign that you have God's favor and when bad things happen to you this must mean that God is punishing you.

We're going to turn our attention to this question and answer it it's interesting issue in light of 9/11. Uh... it's an interesting issue really in terms of hurricane sandy because this came up.

Does a hurricane an act of god does that represent a form of a judgment on a nation? Now the prophets and the founding fathers believe that it did because the point is God will often use any military adversary like we ran into on 9/11.

God will often using military adversary to chasten and humble his people for their sin and to bring them to a place of repentance. I think this was was going on on nine eleven you look at the larger issue that God had. The jihadis on 9/11 were the agents of God's wrath in order to get our attention as a people.

Now, have we learned? I don't know. I think we've learned in part. One of the things we've done is we've gone to prayer at the seventh inning of every major league baseball game in Los Angeles in New York and during the playoffs and we pray "God Bless America, guide us through the night with a light from above.

That's not something and have a before 9/11 so that's one of the outcomes of 9/11. You have tens of thousands of baseball fans converting arenas into centers for intercessory prayer for God to watch over, bless, and guide United States Of America. I think one of the reasons we haven't been hit since 9/11 is that we did learn that lesson. We need as a people to go before God and ask for his protection.

Source: Right Wing Watch

People will be offended at what Bryan Fischer says here, but the sad truth is that his position is far more consistent with traditional Christianity and the Old Testament than not. If you believe in an omnipotent God that is interested in human affairs, then you have to conclude that, at the very least, nothing happens without God allowing it, if not willing it.

So what is there in traditional Christianity and the Bible which would argue against the conclusion that the Al Qaeda terrorists were at least acting with God's implicit permission, if not God's active encouragement? The problem isn't so much Bryan Fischer as it is the religion is he expounding upon.

December 22, 2012 at 11:44 am
(1) Victoria says:

Maybe I missed the news articles, but I have never read where Christians ever mentioned that the hurricanes, storms, floods, etc. in the South like the Gulf area was a punishment for their ungodly behavior.

I have read that the earthquakes in CA are a punishment for the so-called evil here. Funny because we rarely have serious earthquakes here in CA, but the South always has serious weather problems. The areas within the red states with all the tornados year after year don’t see to think that those are a punishment for their ungodly behavior or have I mssed all those news articles?

December 28, 2012 at 10:16 pm
(2) David says:

If the Christian god myth has a devine plan for his flock than 9/11 was willed by the Christian god myth.

December 29, 2012 at 8:14 am
(3) John Thomson says:

Victoria: Have you never heard of Pat Robertson and the 700 Club? He’s one of many Christian leaders and commentators this is quick to blame gays, secularists, etc as the cause of natural calamities. Pay attention. You’re missing what’s going on around you.

December 29, 2012 at 12:44 pm
(4) Gerald Vanderhoff says:

So Bryan Fischer’s god caused 9/11, and causes natural disasters. And I should put aside whatever I’m doing and worship this psychopath because… ?

December 29, 2012 at 6:56 pm
(5) Sally says:

“Ergo, when good things happen to you it’s a sign that you have God’s favor and when bad things happen to you this must mean that God is punishing you. ”

It’s called “having your cake and eating it too” – a win-win for the god-botherers and a lose-lose for everyone else.

December 29, 2012 at 10:07 pm
(6) TJOzzie says:

Victoria, I don’t have clippings or anything, but Pat Robertson famously said that Hurricane Katrina was sent specifically as punishment to the New Orleans area as punishment for their collective sins.

October 22, 2013 at 10:15 pm
(7) edwapa says:

i wonder if god didn’t send pat robertson to infest our tv’s so that we may pay for our own sins. evidently christ getting nailed just didn’t do the trick.

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