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It's easy to find weird beliefs in just about any religion, but Mormonism seems to have far more weird beliefs than most. Even Mormons seems to recognize this - otherwise, why is it that Mormon missionaries are taught to be vague and circumspect when it comes to many specific, particular doctrines? Why would they avoid talking about these beliefs to outsiders and in public if they aren't 'weird'?

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June 15, 2013 at 6:43 pm
(1) Jeanne says:

My husband and I let two missionaries into our home one hot summer day. It was about 118 degrees her in Arizona and the two boys faces were bright red. Worried that they were about to have heat stroke, we let them in, gave them water and cool towels. After all, they were somebody’s sons.

After they cooled down, they began their speech, almost like robots. They actually reminded me of the androids form Star Trek, “I am not programmed to respond in that area.”, because that was pretty much their response to our questions. Either that, or they told us to “Ask your father in heaven”. Even after I informed them that I am an atheist, they kept telling me to “ask my father in heaven”. Are they so brainwashed that they don’t even hear what people are asking them?

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