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Austin Cline

Mailbag: New Age & Codependency

By August 26, 2012

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From: "Laurel"
Subject: what? huh? geez.
I thought this article, "New Age FAQ: Codependency," was okay. But also really ignorant. You almost knew what you were talking about, but your lack of research and true understanding of the topic makes you no authority. You too are a frustrated lay-person. Do you see that? ...You almost sound like a ranting, angry man.

I pointed out to the author that just "because my research did not lead to conclusions that you happen to approve of does not mean that I conducted no research or that I lack "true understanding". I also noted that the message (not all of which is quoted above) "offered nothing at all in the way of a substantive rebuttal to anything I have written on the topic."

In her response she admitted that she was trying to insult me (for what reason, I cannot say), but then proceeded to argue that there was simply no reason for her to bother offering any kind of substantive and mature response to the material she claimed to be mistaken. Maybe she thinks that tossing out some insults is normally sufficient for ideas to be retracted?

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August 26, 2012 at 6:58 pm
(1) mobathome says:

The link referenced in the quoted section is broken: it does not lead to a page titled “New Age FAQ: Codependency.” In fact, I cannot find the “New Age FAQ” itself anywhere at all except as a top-level page empty of anything but basic links and ads.

Austin, would you please fix this?

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