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Austin Cline

Forum Discussion: How to Deal with an Obtuse World View?

By July 4, 2012

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If you spend any time debating religion or even just talking about religion with Christians, it's inevitable that you'll hit some issue where the believer's brain just seems to freeze - they can't seem to process the facts of reality and so react to facts in a completely obtuse way.

When that happens, how do you deal with it? How do you respond?

A forum member writes:

To wit: Believers who ask, "Who is your god, then?" People who cannot frame the idea that a god is no part of the atheist point of view?

I'm not asking why theists' tend to freeze and crash because they can't process a universe without god. It's how they are.

What I ask is for some sort of reply, a rejoinder to such blindness. I'm just not that clever and some of the crowd here must have something as succinct as "Yo' mama!" that is more ad rem.

Part of the problem, I think, is a real lack of imagination on the part of many Christians. They can't seem to imagine that others have different beliefs from them -- it's like the way so many Americans fail to realize that others around the world have different political, cultural, and social traditions from them. They assume that the American way is the only "right" and legitimate way.

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July 4, 2012 at 4:07 pm
(1) Lary9 says:

I suspect that what you describe is more a matter of a conditioned fearfulness than intelligence (in the common sense of the word). Believers are so indoctrinated by injunctions against practitioners of humanism and so sternly warned about the subtle snares and traps of reason that they block out logic and normative methods of argument in matters of faith. It is so subtle yet profound, not because of the preeminence of religion’s arguments but rather the vulnerable location in the human psyche of where all the malignancies of religion are implanted over the years. It may be helpful to just view all religions as cults for this purpose.

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