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Forum Discussion: Disprove the Existence of God

By July 6, 2011

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When was the last time you encountered a theist or a Christian who readily admitted that the burden is on them to support their claim that some god exists and not on any atheists who merely don't accept that claim? I can't say that I ever have, though I'd like to think that such theists and Christians exist somewhere. Instead, all I ever seem to encounter are theists who are convinced that the burden lies on others to disprove the theistic position.

A forum member writes:

I hear so much talk about how Christians have to prove that God exists, yet there is no reason for Christians to prove that, since they go by faith. I think would be interesting to change the rules and to put a new game on the table: Rather then assuming there is no God because you have disregarded religion, I would like someone to scientifically disprove God, especially since most Atheists believe they are so intellectual with science.

Funny though, how most theories they abide by are not considered true science, but ONLY theory. Stop claiming that Christians have to prove it, how about the Atheists disprove it?

I wish I had a nickel for every time a Christian or other sort of theist came along and insisted that I prove their god didn't exist... as if it were up to me to disprove every random god-claim that is brought up by every random internet poster. When will they figure it out that the obligation is theirs to prove their god does exist -- or at least start out by defining their "god" so that there is something substantive to talk about.

If you admit that you have no proof or support for your claim because your position is based on nothing but "faith," then you are admitting that your position isn't rational or sensible. At that point, what reason is there to take you or your beliefs seriously? Why not regard you as hopelessly delusional? Add your thoughts to the comments here or join the ongoing discussion in the forum.

July 6, 2011 at 3:32 pm
(1) Dean says:

How about they prove Brahma doesn’t exist or is subordinate to their God? Maybe the mental exercise would wake them up to why the burden of proof falls where it does.

July 12, 2011 at 11:03 pm
(2) GnosticAtheist, Paul Keller says:

The natural is space, time, physical, material, and corporeal. The supernatural is not the natural. The supernatural is the negation of the natural. The supernatural is spaceless (existing at no locaton), timeless (existing at no time), nonphysical (complete emptiness), immaterial (complete emptiness), and incorporeal (bodiless). Nothingness and nonexistence are spaceless, timeless, nonphysical, immaterial, and incorporeal. There is no difference between the supernatural, nothingness, and nonexistence. The supernatural is precisely equal to nothingness and nonexistence. “Supernatural” and “existence” are mutually exclusive. “Supernatural existence” is a contradiction, which is a condition that is always false, like a three angled square in Euclidean geometry. Gods and Devils are supernatural existences. Therefore, it is true (i.e. totally accurate and totally reliable) that there are no Gods, no Devils, and no supernatural of any kind. The natural, nature, is equal to reality and existence.

July 13, 2011 at 5:02 pm
(3) OZAtheist says:

Disproving the existence of gods is somewhat difficult to do. I believe that every theist has their own personal god. In the case of the Christian the god may vaguely resemble Jesus Christ’s old man but variations creep in to form a picture of a god that makes that particular person feel warm and fuzzy.

February 22, 2012 at 6:20 pm
(4) Elementary reasoning says:

An atheist says to themselves there is no God. This does not prove the non existence only that they have stated to themselves “there is no God” If you look up and see the stars above in their splendor and the perfect shape and location of the earth along with it’s abundant animals and diversity how can one say to themselves “there is no God”

Making the statement “there is no God” doesn’t make it true. Christians have a peculiar way of looking at the Natural. God chose the natural world to show not only his existence but also his salvation. All religions know there is a God but only a fool says there is no God. Christians rely on the presupposition that Jesus was right in saying that he was the embodiment of Good and God. With that he did something no one else not even Atheist can disprove. He died. This then allowed him to demonstrate there is a God through the Resurrection.

What other religion demonstrates God through one persons self sacrificing actions. Hindus and Buddhist and other eastern religions don’t demonstrate a way to God but tacitly show God through their search for self salvation. The Atheist says to himself there is no God but underneath it all hopes that Christians have it wrong.

Again all religions demonstrate that there is a God but only a follower of Jesus understands that for some reason God chose to give eternal life through the death of Jesus.

If atheist want to prove there is no God then have them demonstrate the ability of an animal to evolve in front of them. It doesn’t happen. Mouths don’t form over millenia, eyes don’t appear for decades and legs don’t not function until “needed”. Each and every animal, plant and person was formed to fill a niche that God understood before you or the animals were born. A sparrow cant wish itself into a eagle and a hawk cannot become a chicken.

February 23, 2012 at 7:31 pm
(5) Austin Cline says:

An atheist says to themselves there is no God.

Some do. Some don’t.

Making the statement “there is no God” doesn’t make it true.

Not does saying “there is a God”.

If atheist want to prove there is no God

Unnecessary. Believers can’t prove there are any gods and that’s all the justification an atheist requires.

April 11, 2012 at 8:29 pm
(6) william says:

The media constantly streams a plethora of examples of pain misery and suffering. All around us, people are dying of starvation and poverty. Now, I found it unfathomable that an omni benevolent god, a being we can neither see hear or touch, would allow his creations to suffer in this way. He is meant to be the ‘father’ a phrase associated with care and comfort, not neglect. There is scientific evidence preluding the dates of the bible, showing the evolution of species. Concrete, feasable evidence that we can see and touch, that in its own way discredits the stories of adam and eve and creationism. If we are taking the bible as a story, then I think it is wise to treat it thusly. Worship and dedication to a concept written down in scriptures is not rationality, nor is it practical. I believe the bible was a tool, a way of civilising barbaric people and giving them something to fear, the idea that a being would punish them for acts of wickedness. I neednt use names to show the sheer number of examples in history of individulas inflicting misery and pain on millions, with no consequences of a supernatural sort, clearly showing how this god if he is real, has not only created us and given us our own free will, but as a benevolent ‘father’ has allowed his creations to suffer. Religion is manipulative and feeds on people when they are at their lowest, as its easier just to be able to absolve responsibility of your own life and put it in the hands of another being that knows what’s best. When you put your hands together to pray, your not praying to god, noone is ‘listening’. Man made religion therefore man is god. We are gods of our own life, and having faith is not enough to achieve anything, but drive and dedication we create within ourselves helps us answer our prayers. Religion is blind faith of something none of our senses can prove exists.

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