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Also known as Dominionism, Dominion Theology teaches that all of humanity is under the sovereign dominion of God. This means that Christians, as the followers of the only True Religion and representatives of God, have a divine mandate to rule over the rest of humanity. Dominion Theology is a doctrinal foundation for a number of movements, most prominently Christian Reconstructionism and Christian Identity. It has also become increasingly influential within America's broader Christian Right.

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January 5, 2009 at 11:03 pm
(1) Paul Buchman says:

The fact that few people today explicitly endorse the creation of such a theocracy doesnít mean that they wonít accept it as the logical conclusion of the many beliefs which they are being convinced to adopt right now. If Dominionism isnít to lead to theocracy, something must be done.

One thing that could be done (if our leaders had the political will to do it) would be to treat as subversives those who use extra-legal means to undermine the Constitution. We should put them in the same political category that communists occupied during the 1950s.

Tell it like it is: those who try to persuade military officers to put “God” before country are subversives and should be prosecuted as such.

“Do you now, or have you ever, believed in Christian theocracy?”

“Who else was at those Christian Reconstructionist meetings you attended? Just give us three names.”

“There are 721 Christian Reconstructionists in the Dept. of Defense.”

January 7, 2009 at 12:50 am
(2) Leon says:

Governor Mike huckabee comes to mind.



July 7, 2011 at 5:28 am
(3) The Sojourner says:

Here’s a very interesting site on this subject. If we don’t all get up on our hind legs and protest, or recall or do SOMETHING. I fear for this country and the citizens within. If there’s a hatred of atheists by the Christian right wing nut Taliban now, wait til they really start their war on the “others”.


July 8, 2011 at 2:13 am
(4) Jockaira says:

Dominionists fail to learn from history and other contemporaneous examples. All theocratic governments of the past (and the present) achieve their success at the expense of non-believers and the sacrifice of individual freedoms.

One only has to look at the excesses of Papal rule in Europe or the miseries of Moslem-majority countries today and in the past to know that theocracies have never worked in the real world. But theocrats live in a fantasy world where everything will be hunky-dory if everybody gets on board and shares the same belief (fantasy)…and if they won’t share, then castigate them severely (or kill them) because God wants it that way!

Why do people with a supposedly functioning brain fail to see this very simple truth: religion has never been a workable alternative for human government?

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