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John McCain, 2007
John McCain, 2007
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John McCain is widely regarded as a "sensible" Republican who is "independent" of many traditional Republican constituencies. Neither view is correct: John McCain is not sensible when it comes to questions of church/state separation and, at least when it comes to the radical Christian Right, he isn't the least bit independent. McCain gladly repeats traditional Christian Nationalist lies about America being a "Christian Nation" and appears more than happy to abandon secular government. This makes John McCain about as dangerous to secular, civil government as any Republican candidate could be.


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March 7, 2008 at 9:14 am
(1) Lainey says:

As if planning on keeping the war machine in full swing wasn’t enough to make me dislike McCain…

The thing that gets me is how discriminatory it is to call this nation a ‘Christian Nation’ just because Christians represent the majority. It equates to calling this nation a ‘White Nation’ because a majority of the people here identify as white Americans. It’s just plain wrong.

Furthermore, anyone that had done a wee bit of research into our founding fathers can clearly see that the constitution was not based on Christian Ethics (seems almost a contradiction in terms to say Christian ethics.) Although many of our founding fathers were Christian there were also many that were Deist and agnostic. Many of the founding fathers were inspired by the works of people like Voltaire, which spoke out against organized religion and Christianity.

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