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Creationism Fundamentals: Old Earth Creationism

Tuesday October 16, 2007
Sometimes, special creationism accepts the existence of an 'old earth,' such that an ancient earth is accepted, but not evolution itself. This requires rejecting a completely literal interpretation of Genesis, but not abandoning it wholly and not simply reading it as metaphorical in the manner of Theistic Evolutionists.


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October 16, 2007 at 4:23 pm
(1) Steve from Bayshore says:

hey remember that jerk Frank Walton?
Seems like he’s at it again all over the place!


October 17, 2007 at 10:26 am
(2) Carter says:

>>Today, just because both Old Earth and Young Earth Creationists believe in special creationism, it should not be assumed that they are really allies. In fact, Old Earth Creationists can be highly critical of Young Earth Creationists, especially when it comes to their impact on science education in the United States through their efforts to suppress the teaching of evolution in schools.

They are allies in that they both agree in a Creator and the humankind is a special creation, not having evolved from a lower species. They disagree on some of the details and also the age of the earth.

There has been junk science both from evolutionists and Creationists, and both have been guilty of creating straw men and avoiding to mention the gaps in the science that is claimed to support their positions. What many Creationists believe is that God speaks through two mediums: general revelation (the natural world) and special revelation (the Bible). They also believe that these two voices say the same things, therefore the Bible rightly interpreted and the natural realm rightly interpreted will agree. Because of that, many Creationist encourage the doing of science because they believe the date rightly understood will not contradict Scripture and Scripture rightly understood will not contradict the scientific data.

There are groups around the country and the world seeking to do good science and through their study they are working to develop a scientific model what will explain the data in a manner that is consistent with their understanding of Scripture. Their desire is for scientists, even atheistic scientists, to look be able to look at the data and the devised model and say “Yes, it is credible. We may not agree, but it is a credible scientific model.”

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