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Austin Cline

Mailbag: Micro- and Macro-Evolution

By September 17, 2006

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From: "Jafr"
Subject: Very poor article
I read your article and you really ought to search more deeply about micro and macro evolution; also you totally left out the problems with the evolution theory, the fact about the usage of false drawings to present the similarity between human fetus and animal fetus, and other problems that you did not mention. your article was rather poor and it was aimed at attacking Protestant belief, rather than what the facts are.

I regularly receive complaints about various pages on evolution here and most look a lot like this. Notice how Jafr didn't cite which article bothered him, much less identify any specific problems or errors that he thinks exists. And just what are these "problems with evolutionary theory," anyway? It's rather common for creationists to claim that they exist (especially in places like letters to the editor of a local newspaper), but rare for them to explain just what these "problems" are supposed to be.

Ignoring that for a moment, consider just how much he expected to be crammed into one article dealing with micro- and macro-evolution: "problems with the evolution theory," the use of "false drawings to present the similarity between human fetus and animal fetus," and "other problems." Just how much of this would actually be relevant to the original topic of micro- and macro-evolution? Even if we are unusually generous with Jafr's position, then at the very least it seems that he was expecting far too much from a single article.

Jafr's bias becomes very evidence when he claims that a defense of evolution constitutes any attack on "Protestant belief." You'll often find creationists assuming and/or arguing that evolution is contradictory to Christianity when, in fact, it is primarily contradictory to a particular form of Christianity. Most Christians don't really have a problem with evolution, something that creationists might prefer people to forget or ignore because that would undermine the creationist argument.

They need to create the perception that the debate between creationism and evolution is really a debate between "true religion" and "false philosophy," thus creating sympathy for them on the part of people who are inclined to defend religion and Christianity. If people learned that they can be Christians without opposing evolution, a lot of support for creationism might just dry up.

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