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Austin Cline

Discussion: The Role of Law

By August 30, 2006

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A forum member writes: I try my hardest to obey the law to the letter, and [my mother] says that that is as bad as following a holy book to the letter. I have to concede that I can see her point. However, I feel that I am justified in my stance...Now, to put things into perspective, I follow the law because I feel that it is fair, in spirit at least. If ever I felt that the law condoned a great injustice, I would break it. I am not a complete slave to the law, but I feel that I benefit greatly from it existing, as I live a nice life, and so feel that it is my obligation, where it is possible without disobeying my conscience, to follow it.

What are your views? Is Pejar acting like a fundamentalist? Why should we follow the law, if we should at all? When should we break it? Read More...

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