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Austin Cline

Discussion: Questions About Islam

By April 19, 2006

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A forum member writes: I was wondering if wearing the veil is compulsory all the time. What about Muslim women who want to go swimming? What if they want to play tennis? Do they wear the veil playing tennis? How many Muslims actresses are there, and is acting allowed if one is a Muslim woman. What if a muslim woman joins the police force, or the army, where wearing a uniform prohibits the veil?

All interesting questions. One of the things Westerners have the most difficulty understanding about Islam is how women are treated and why they are expected to bear the burden of not "tempting" men. Read More...

February 8, 2012 at 9:03 pm
(1) WhatsUpDoc says:

There is a verse it Koran: O prophet tell thy wives, daughters and all believing women to cast their body with an outer garment. It is further clarified in a Hadith Narrated by Ayesha: we did not wore any outer garment and when the revelation was received by prophet he told us to wear an outer garment covering our body with the exception of eyes. There is another Hadith by the prophet where woman is forbidden to go out without a Mehram even with full Burka. So there is not very much a Muslim woman can do.

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