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Discussion: Women Changing Names in Marriage

By March 1, 2006

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A forum member writes: When I decided to get married, I never really considered or entertained changing my name. I was 34, and had never been married, had never had problems with my name, and wasn't sure why I should change it. ... What's interesting to me is that it bothered me that [my friend] changed her name; and part of the reason was the preference of her husband. Now, I'm not saying I have any right to be bothered by this--but I find it interesting that I cared about it at all. I never felt the archaic sort of "male ownership" quality of name changing until I heard that last story. I got this ugly feeling of "What? Does he want to own you?!"

For the men: How many of you would care if a woman changed her name or not if you were married? If you would care, why? For the women: How many of you changed your name? If you did, why? Does anyone have any strong feelings on this issue? Does anyone else see a difference between a woman wanting to change her name, and a man asking her to do it?

How would you respond to Tracie's questions? Should women change their names when they get married or not? Read More...

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