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Austin Cline

What if I'm Wrong About Christianity?

By June 20, 2005

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A common question raised by Christians is what atheists think about the possibility that they might be wrong about Christianity. Aren't we afraid of what will happen if we learn that we have been wrong? Isn't that worth converting?

John W. Loftus writes:

Whose fault would this be? Mine? I have honest doubts. Am I to be blamed because I couldnít understand Christianity? I tried with everything in me. I even spent several years earning three masterís degrees and studies in a Ph.D. program to figure my faith out. If I tried to figure it out and I wasnít supposed to try then maybe educated people donít have a chance to be saved? If, however, Iím just not smart enough to figure it out, then only intelligent people who study it out have a chance to be saved.

The above comes from Loftus' book From Minister To Honest Doubter: Why I Changed My Mind. Apparently he has been a counselor in more than one church and had devoted his life to Christianity; if someone like him can lose his faith, how do others manage to hold on to theirs?

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