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Austin Cline

Atheist and Proud Of It

By June 9, 2005

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Many people don't like the "atheist" label and, even if it would accurately describe them, they go out of their way to avoid using it. They would rather be known as agnostics, secularists, or anything else other than atheists. Some, though, come to realize that there's nothing wrong with the label, but there is something wrong with those who vilify atheists.

Toniteash writes:

Lately though, with the emergence of the religious right, and their attempted hijacking of American politics, I have decided that I am not only no longer fearful to be labeled an Atheist, I'm downright proud of it. I don't need the fear of some fictional final retribution to live a good life. Nor does the promise of everlasting life on some cloud with a bunch of other followers intrigue me. I live by the golden rule, just because that's how I want to live my life, not because I'm afraid of what will happen to me if I don't.

Unfortunately, todays Christians, especially the ones who try to shove their religion down the rest of the worlds throat, are making a mockery of the religion they profess to adhere to. It's become a club for good ol' boys to feel superior to the rest of us mere mortals, who just want to live, and let live. If Christianity is a club with members such as Tom DeLay, Randall Terry, Bill Frist, G.W. Bush, and others of their ilk, than hell yes, I'm proud, damned proud, to opt out and call myself an Atheist. Good job boys, you've shown me the light...

It's always nice to see someone achieving a better sense of themselves and thus able to stand up for what they think. That's certainly better than trying to hide what they think in order to avoid offending anyone.

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August 12, 2010 at 11:56 am
(1) Jim says:

Old post, but as an atheist myself I just wanted to point out how narrow minded it is to worry singularly about Christianity. If I were going to feel threatened by any religion and its effects on my life because of my beliefs it would be Islam.

It is, hands down, the most restrictive religion in the world. While Christianity may still be fighting things like abortions and gay marriage, Islam is still publicly stoning women for adultery in some places.

I have never felt threatened in America for being an atheist. Uncomfortable, maybe occasionally, but no threatened. As long as it stays that way I have no issues, and I don’t see Christianity in this country becoming an issue in that way EVER.

October 12, 2010 at 9:18 pm
(2) ungriorthedemon says:

any idealogy that has a believe (join) or suffer x consequence (go to hell, be damned,etc…) and is entirely based on growth (teach/convert all or you are sinning or to please mr god)

is not a good one. I understand the complexity of life and how hard it would be in ancient times to understand/cope with people getting so ill and not knowing why or how grand something such as an eclipse/sunset would seem not having the slightest understanding of your enivroments – but such clinging in the modern world shows a true fault in education and basic logic (or common sense – which seems to be quite the rarity)

about the only one I can tolerate is buddhism – while it is as fanciful/silly as any others it doesn’t have the requirement to go viral which is such a treat to see.

I don’t know how exactly rocket fuel is manufactured, or what may constitute the sediment at the bottom of the ocean of the moon Titan – but I don’t go around spreading an ideaology involving divine beings that are similar to transgender keebler elves. No shame in not knowing something.

January 2, 2011 at 12:25 am
(3) Shannon Morris says:

I think it is funny how so many people seem to think that Atheists should somehow be “ashamed” of being Atheist! That’s ridiculous! Personally, I am proud to be an Atheist and openly will state it !

May 7, 2012 at 9:15 am
(4) Crystal says:

I am an atheist as well. I have been debating whether or not I am agnostic or atheist, and have come to a conclusion of atheist. If these people are too afraid to show that they are an atheist, and are proud of it, don’t hide it, embrace it. Thanks for sharing. :)

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