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Austin Cline

Hey! Your daughter is naked!

By February 2, 2005

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Bean writes about a conversation with an old friend: He was practically giddy with news that he had seen the college-age daughter of his next-door neighbor naked on a porn site. He was so excited and was trying to figure out a way to tell his neighbor that his daughter had bared all for the world. When I pointed out the fact that he would be simultaneously revealing that he viewed porn sites, and that he saw his neighbor's daughter in the nude, he was flabbergasted. He had legitimately thought that he should dash right over and tell the loving parents that their little girl was having a real good time at college and had not thought of the consequences.

This is a curious situation - but in an age where so many people are surfing the internet and so many people are using the internet for purposes similar to the young woman described above, it may happen more often than we think. Anyone who posts on the internet images of themselves nude has to assume that someone who recognizes them may come across those images. What should such a person do? Read More...


I think your friend should blackmail his friend’s daughter into having full penetrative sexual intercourse with him!

June 11, 2008 at 1:07 pm
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