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Austin Cline

Anti-Gay McCarthyism

By December 21, 2004

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George W. Bush's reelection as president has already started to have one cultural effect: people are running scared from anything that is supportive of homosexuality and gay Americans. There is a feeling that if private actors don't at least ignore homosexuality, they will be subject to a government crackdown that will force them to do so.

At the Houston Voice, Kevin Naff writes:

Both NBC and CBS have rejected an ad from the United Church of Christ that advocated for inclusiveness of gay couples. CBS told the UCC that the ad was unacceptable for broadcast because of scenes that address “the exclusion of gay couples and other minority groups” by other religious groups as well as “the fact the executive branch has recently proposed a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.”

ABC’s “20/20” last month attempted to rewrite history, portraying the sadistic murderers of Matthew Shepard as ordinary American kids tricked by lawyers into pursuing a “gay panic” defense at their trial.

A recent episode of the hit CBS show “Survivor” featured the castaways reuniting with loved ones on their remote island. While the straight contestants were shown embracing and kissing their significant others, the camera quickly panned away from any scenes of lesbian contestants Ami and Scout greeting their same-sex partners.

When asked about the editing out of the lesbian kisses, producer Mark Burnett told Entertainment Weekly magazine, “I’d be an idiot not to notice both the way the country voted and the backlash from the FCC that came off of Janet Jackson’s [Super Bowl debacle]. I wanted to protect my franchise and didn’t think it was right to show both lesbian kisses at 8 o’clock.”

This is the anti-Chrisitan "liberal" media, remember. They are growing increasingly nervous about portraying gays as being just as normal as straights. "Survivor" wouldn't show lesbian couples acting exactly like all the straight couples around them — straights kissing is OK, but lesbians kissing in the same way and for the exact same reasons isn't. This isn't about an opposition to "special rights" for gays, it's an opposition to treating gays like normal, equal human beings. That's the real agenda of the Christian Right and their President.

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