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Pennsylvania: Board Member Pressured To Support Intelligent Design

By December 16, 2004

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Angie Yingling used to be on the School Board in Dover, Pennsylvania. She was one of the board members who voted to approve teaching "Intelligent" Design to the poor students there - not because she believed in it, but because she was pressured and even arguably threatened.

The York Daily Record reports:

She also said that after thinking about it, she regrets voting Oct. 18 to add intelligent design to the student curriculum. But she said she did so because many on the board pressured her by accusing her of being an atheist and un-Christian.

Some Christians can use such threats because they are also just unethical enough to lie about a person in this manner and in order to ruin their social reputation, business, or political career. This wouldn't be the first instance of such a thing happening and I'm sure it won't be the last. Indeed, how often does it happen across America without it becoming public knowledge? Christians want their religion to be the moral conscience of America but that won't happen so long as there are so many who act like the nation's moral underbelly.

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