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Austin Cline

Iran: 13-Year-Old Girl Sentenced to Death for Incest

By October 20, 2004

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In Iran, a 13-year-old girl has been sentenced to death because her 15-year-old brother got her pregnant. The boy, of course, doesn't face a death sentence - he'll only be whipped 150 times with a lash. Zhila Izadi just gave birth to her child so now she is eligible for stoning by the community.

Iran Focus reports (via TalkLeft):

She was accused of committing ‘moral sin’ and giving birth to an ‘unholy child’. Her brother a 15-year-old boy who was also accused and is currently in prison in Tehran was given a sentence of 150 lashes, in accordance with Islamic laws. ... As a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Iran is bound not to execute child offenders.

Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran comments:

Jila was raped and impregnated by her brother and Iran’s clerical judge has sentenced her to death by stoning. According to the Iranian regime's penal code, stoning is the punishment for those who commit adultery. Jila did not commit adultery; rather she is a victim of rape. Stoning in Iran is carried out as "the condemned are wrapped head to foot in white shrouds and buried up to their waists.“ The misogynous regime of Tehran even details the difference between the stoning of men vs. women. “The female condemned are buried up to their neck to prevent their escape.” Furthermore, "the stones are specifically chosen so they are large enough to cause pain, but not so large as to kill the condemned immediately. They are guaranteed a slow, torturous death. Sometimes their children are forced to watch.”

Iran, by the way, has endorsed Bush for president:

"We haven't seen anything good from Democrats," Rowhani told state-run television in remarks that, for the first time in recent decades, saw Iran openly supporting one US presidential candidate over another. "We should not forget that most sanctions and economic pressures were imposed on Iran during the time of Clinton," Rowhani said. "And we should not forget that during Bush's era, despite his hard-line and baseless rhetoric against Iran, he didn't take, in practical terms, any dangerous action against Iran."
Though Iran generally does not publicly wade into US presidential politics, it has a history of preferring Republicans over Democrats, who tend to press human rights issues. "We do not desire to see Democrats take over," Rowhani said when asked if Iran was supporting Kerry against Bush.

Conservatives make a lot of noise about terrorists preferring Kerry to Bush even though we haven't actually heard anything from terrorists on that matter — this is something that conservatives simply imagine to be true because they assume that Bush will do more to harm terrorists than Kerry, then use the conclusion to demonstrate that Bush must be doing more to harm terrorists than Kerry. Sensible, isn't it?

Here, however, we have a repressively theocratic regime that we know has helped sponsor terrorism in the past. They are even members of the "Axis of Evil." Whom do they support? George W. Bush. Maybe they recognize a kindred religious spirit?

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February 18, 2009 at 8:21 am
(1) none says:

i am a girl from iran, i have been raped by my brother many times. i don,t know what i should do i did do something. but i am not sure that i did do the best
right now i feel very bad i have been raped many times i could not tell my mom or eny one else i am ashamed of myself my brother is one year younger then me in this condition whats the best way what should i do? i am not virgin for long time everyday i check my belly if i am pregnant or not i have flashbacks and nightmares i am not sure that i did do the best i am going crazy i wish i could kill myself. i ran away from iran did i do the best?

November 4, 2011 at 6:48 pm
(2) Jason94941 says:

Heres what I think…

I find it sicking that in our world this stuff is still happening. Places like Iran are so far behind than other countires it’s quite furstrating. It’s sad that a law can take a life and get away with it. Murder is murder full stop. My best advice to you is to find somewhere you can live and have the same right as everyone else. Although it’s just my opinain I think iran needs to move with the times.

I live in the United Kingdom and although I myself am not religious I dont mind people believing what they want unlike Iran.


February 18, 2009 at 8:26 am
(3) none says:

oopes i forgot to say i am sorry for her i understand what she feels 13 years old what she could do?

March 8, 2011 at 2:33 pm
(4) narges says:

نگا هي بر پديده ي زناي با محارم در ايران

در مهرماه سال هشتاد و سه وقتي هفته نامه تپش نوشت که فرزند خواهر و برادري که بر اثر رابطه نامشروع صاحب فرزند شده اند، تحويل بهزيستي مريوان شده، و خود آنها نيز به سنگسار محکوم شده اند، توجه برخي رسانه ها به موضوع گسترش زناي با محارم جلب شد. اين برادر و خواهر به نام‌هاي بختيار و ژيلا به ترتيب 15 و 13 سال سن داشتند. علاوه بر مردم شهر، والدين اين دو نيز خواستار مجازات آنها شدند. فرماندار اين شهرستان در همان زمان اعلام کرد اين دو نوجوان زناکار توسط شعبه اول دادگاه مريوان به 55 ضربه شلاق محكوم شده اند. اسداله حيدري زاده، كه رئيس دادگستري مريون نيز بود، همچنين اعلام کرد که: “دومتهم اين پرونده طبق فتواي حضرت امام در تحريرالوسيله و قانون مجازات اسلامي بي اطلاع بودن از ميزان مجازات، از اتهام زناي با محارم كه حكم آن اعدام مي‌باشد، با توجه به صغرسن تبرئه شدند.” او اضافه کرد: “عدم آگاهي متهمين از حكم موضوع براي دادگاه كاملاً ‌محرز شد و به همين دليل متهمان به حكم تعزير محكوم شدند و اكنون به طور كامل تحت حمايت بهزيستي مي‌باشند.”

او در عين حال اخبار مربوط به سنگسار و پس از آن احتمال محكوميت به حبس تعزيزي اين دو نوجوان را نيز “ساخته و پرداخته دشمنان و استكبار” دانست.

بختيار و ژيلا از جمله مواردي بودند که توانستند جان سالم به در برند، اما مريم 9 ساله که به نوشته روزنامه ايران توسط پدرش در شهريور 81 به قتل رسيد، قرباني تقابل قتل هاي ناموسي و تجاوز خانگي شد. پدر مريم در جريان دادگاه رسيدگي به پرونده قتل دخترش اعلام کرد: “دايى مريم به او تجاوز كرده بود و من از شرف و ناموسم دفاع كردم.”

ماجراي ليلا مافي يکي ديگر از قربانيان تجاوز محارم نيز در سال هاي گذشته زماني رسانه اي شد که برخي از فعالان حقوق زنان از صدور حکم اعدام براي او اطلاع يافتند. شادي صدر، وکيل ليلا در لايحه دفاعيه او نوشته بود: “حکم اعدام براي موکلم به جرم زنا با محارم صادر شده در صورتي که وي در گفته هاي خود به طور مکرر از واژه تجاوز براي شرح ارتباط با برادرانش استفاده کرده است. بين زنا دادن و تجاوز تفاوت معنايي بسياري وجود دارد.”


March 8, 2011 at 2:33 pm
(5) narges says:

خبرگزاري ايسنا هم در سوم آبان سال هشتاد دو “گزارشي تکاندهنده از قتل‌هاي ناموسي و تجاوز محارم در خوزستان” را منتشر کرد که بر اساس آن، مشاور وقت استاندار خوزستان با اشاره به مواردي از تجاوز محارم به دختران در استان گفته بود: “در اين زمينه از ميان تنها 18 دختر بين 12 تا 14 سال كه بدليل تجاوز پدر و برادرشان به دفتر امور بانوان استانداري مراجعه كرده‌اند، 12 مورد آنها دختران زير 14 سال بوده‌اند.” ميربک تاکيد کرده بود که: “در حال حاضر دختر 19 ساله‌اي كه از 8 سالگي مورد سوء استفاده پدر خود قرار گرفته بود، به دليل اينكه از سوي برادر خود نيز بر اثر بي‌پروايي پدر مورد سوء استفاده قرار گرفته است، به استانداري مراجعه كرده و متاسفانه پيگيريها و مشاور دفتر حقوقي براي دفاع از حقوق وي به جهت كاستيهاي قانون حمايتي و كمبود مركزي براي نگهداري، به جايي نرسيده و اكنون وي در خانه محبوس شده است.”

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