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Austin Cline

Godless Disney World?

By July 29, 2004

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Members of the Christian Right have frequently criticized the Disney corporation for failing to adhere to a conservative evangelical set of moral standards. Now they may have a new point for criticism: the movies made by Disney are insufficient religious and theistic.

According to the Taipei Times:

The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust, by Mark Pinsky, ... shows that the film industry's most family-orientated entertainer has rarely mentioned God, and that such religious figures as there are in its animated films are almost entirely bad. Pinsky, the religion reporter at the Orlando Sentinel, argues: "In the more than 35 animated [features Disney has produced] since 1937, there is scarcely a mention of God as conceived in the Christian and Jewish faiths shared by most people in the western world and many beyond."

Remember, this is a religion reporter for a newspaper saying all of this....

American Christians appear to have scarcely noticed that none of the Disneyland theme parks -- replete with every other aspect of US main street culture -- has a church. The company's cruise liners do not have a single chapel on board. The reason, the book says, was Disney's determination not to offend anyone in a way which would hamper the making of money. Instead, it has quietly subverted the Christian gospel by substituting some decidedly unchristian themes: belief in the power of magic, that good people are handsome and that what you wish for really can come true.

Sounds pretty awful to me! Time to grab your pitchforks and torches so that the Disney theme parks can be stormed! They teach unchristian things!

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