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Austin Cline

Bill O'Reilly: Racist?

By March 30, 2004

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Bill O'Reilly is a popular conservative commentator (at least he was until he acknowledged that he was skeptical of the Bush administration because of the failure to find Weapons of Mass Destruction - this has caused him to fall in respect among True Believers). Unfortunately, it appears that he may have a very strong anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic disposition.

Atrios quotes from a O'Reilly's show on 3/24/04 where he discusses the recent report that whites will become a demographic minority by the year 2050 (I'm skipping over a bunch - follow the link for the full context):

O'REILLY: Joining us now from Washington is Dr. William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. Here in the studio, John McManus, the editor in chief of "American Demographics" magazine. So I guess this is being driven by Hispanics, right, with all the illegal immigration, millions of people coming in here and the higher birth rate among Hispanics in America. That's what's driving this?
WILLIAM FREY, PH.D., BROOKINGS INSTITUTION: Well, I really think what's happening is going to be this phasing out or fading out of the white baby boom population. It is a 50-year time period we're talking about...
O'REILLY: Yes. We'll all be dead. Thank God, right?

Thank God that we'll all be dead before we see an America that isn't mostly white? It's hard to come up with interpretations of such a common that don't make O'Reilly a racist. No, nothing that I dropped from the longer quote would make a favorable interpretation easier - it's just a short discussion about different birth rates among various minority groups.

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September 26, 2007 at 11:56 am
(1) gavin immerson says:

For a Northern slant on O’Reilly’s rant paddle on up to ‘boreal-moonlight’


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