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Austin Cline

Anti-Gay Groups in Massachusetts

By March 15, 2004

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Massachusetts has become a battleground for gay rights. A coalition of 15 national and local Massachusetts groups named "Coalition for Marriage" has become a leading force in the efforts to ban same-sex marriage, although they often portray themselves as respecting gays. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is "outing" them, however, and revealing what their real agendas have been.

Common Dreams reports:

"These groups have figured out that demonizing and dehumanizing gay Americans is a cash cow for them - and they have made attacking our community their number one priority," said Task Force Executive Director Matt Foreman. "Some of these groups claim that 'protecting marriage' is the real issue, and otherwise seek 'respect and tolerance' for gay people - in reality, the majority of these groups oppose any policy, program or legislation that provides any protection or legal equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Their claims of 'respect' are laughable."
All the coalition members oppose sexual orientation nondiscrimination laws, safe schools initiatives aimed at stopping harassment and violence against students perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, and the inclusion of crimes motivated by anti-gay bias in hate crimes laws. The four largest coalition members lobbied against victim compensation benefits for the surviving partners of those killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Coalition members frequently talk about the power and wealth of the gay lobby. In fact, a review of income statements shows that the annual income of the "Coalition for Marriage" exceeds that of organizations advocating for equal marriage rights in Massachusetts by a margin of six to one ($168 million to $25 million).

These organizations may pretend to represent the views and interests of mainstream citizens, but that hardly seems likely - they are, in fact, reactionary forces seeking to overturn decades of progressive social development and remake America in their own theocratic image. You should follow the above link to get more details on each of the different member organizations - I certainly wouldn't want them to be deciding for the rest of us what does and does not constitute a "valid" marriage.

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