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AFA Backing Out on Presenting Poll to Congress

By January 25, 2004

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The American Family Association recently posted a poll on their website about gay marriage, asking people whether they thought marriage between people of the same sex should be legalized or not. The AFA promised that they would present the results of this poll to Congress... but the results aren't turning out the way the AFA assumed they would and it looks like they will back out of their promise.

Marjory Raymer writes for The Flint Journal:

[I]t is "probably not" going to follow through, a spokesman said, after nearly 60 percent of the more than 825,000 votes tallied expressed support of gay marriage. "Homosexual activist groups went to the trouble of skewing this particular poll," said Gary Glenn, director of the AFA of Michigan, located in Midland. "Perhaps it is some comfort to them." The organization considered pulling the poll off its Web site, but decided instead to leave it as a wake-up call to "traditional American families (who) do not realize the seriousness of this threat," said Buddy Smith, executive assistant to the chairman of the AFA. "We were surprised they hijacked the poll," said Smith.

Hijacked the poll? Actually, the AFA itself was caught altering the results at one point. It is certainly true that supporters of gay marriage spread the address around and encouraged each other to vote, but surely opponents of gay marriage did the same? Surely the AFA encouraged their own supporters to vote in the poll - vote against gay marriage? If those who favor gay marriage did nothing different from the AFA itself, then no one "hijacked" the poll - unless by "hijacked" the AFA really means "used the poll to communicate a message that is at variance from what we would like reality to be."

I doubt that the poll is any less accurate for the participation of supporters of gay marriage. This means that if the results are inaccurate and unreliable, then they would have been had they shown what the AFA wanted - and that means that the AFA never should have used them. However, if the results are accurate, then refusing to present them to Congress means that the AFA is trying to hide the truth from those responsible for making laws - is that honest? Either way, the AFA wouldn't be acting in accordance with principles of intellectual or moral honesty... and they are supposed to be fighting for "family values"?

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