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Abortion & Contraception: A Pro-Life Dilemma

By January 22, 2004

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Pro-life Protestants are coming up against a difficult dilemma: what to do about contraception. For the most part, Protestants don't oppose contraception - but the problem is, more and more forms of contraception either do or can act against fertilized eggs, rendering them indistinguishable from abortion from a pro-life perspective.

Mark H. Creech writes for Agape Press:

I am deeply concerned the war on abortion will never finally be won unless pro-life Protestants are willing to strike at the root of the problem contraception. ... Today, most pro-life Protestants would readily acknowledge certain types of contraception might be wrong, but they would bristle at any suggestion all contraception is wrong. ... Let it suffice to say contraception and abortion are the twin-children of a Medusa-like god with vipers on her head that represent a self-centered, anti-child, materialistic, non-theistic quality-of-life mentality that God will not indefinitely suffer as a rival.
I believe Matt Trewhella, pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, aptly summarized the argument: "We have no God-given right to manipulate God's design for marriage by using birth control. As long as we continue to make 'possessions' and 'self' our god, and as long as we continue to look at children as a diaper bill rather than a blessing, we will never see the Church act in mass against baby-murder."

Creech definitely has a point here - and if he can manage to convince others about this, you can expect to see the Protestant pro-life movement become even more radicalized as it broadens its attacks to cover basic forms of contraception as well. Their goal will be not only to move America back to a time before abortion as safe and legal, but to a time before condoms and contraceptive pills were available and legal.

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