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Austin Cline

Christianity: Sex Obsessed?

By December 3, 2003

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It seems that just about every news story regarding Christianity these days deals with sex: sexual abuse of children, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, condoms, and so forth. But why? Christianity has always had rules regarding sexual morality, just like other religions, but they haven't always played such a central role.

Geza Vermes explores the issue in the Guardian:

Christianity has not always been a religion so preoccupied with sexual behaviour (or gender identity). Theology used to challenge ideas; people's behaviour in bed did not rank among its top concerns. Consider the arguments which raged at the time of the Reformation. The reformers and counter-reformers aimed much higher than their latter-day heirs and focused on the ultimate source or sources of the Christian faith. Was it scripture alone or scripture and tradition or ultimately the magisterium, the Christ-given doctrinal authority of the church?

It is a curious shift, and for whatever reason Christianity today appears to be very much obsessed with sex and sexual matters: who's sleeping with whom and how and when and why. Are all of the really "big" issues settled, leaving nothing else for people to talk about? That hardly seems likely.


Thats because many Christians have become sexually immoral. Society has removed its blinders on sex and lustful Christians have gone along with it. Sex is very gratifying temporarily.

August 22, 2007 at 11:14 am
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